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Michael Bailey Workshop and Demonstration

Published on 3/20/2019

The first workshop of the year was March 20-23, 2019 and was a most informative and unique workshop enjoyed by a number of the members.

Comment from Shelia Parson:  I attended the Mike Bailey workshop  and found it a great review of using the Elements And Principles of Design to strengthen our compositions. Composition separates the “men from the boys” in paintings. I've heard the question “but how do I know what is a good composition?"   Although the course was tiring and intense for me, I appreciated what was essentially a semester course in design at the college level. Mike did an excellent job of presenting complex material. To round out that information I strongly recommend you get Edger Whitneys’ book Watercolor. It is in black and white and out of print. Try Amazon.  The book Watercolor the Whitney Way isn’t nearly  as complete  nor as useful.  I was  introduced to this info from high school  classes with my artist mother and use it in my own class. I am interested to know how the artist for whom this was new felt about it. I use this content in my own classes albeit not so “all at once” this info was new for about 1/2 the workshop. Definitely worth the time and money.