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In Celebration of Ken Oberste's Life.

Lindsay Ainsworth | Published on 7/26/2021

Kenneth Edward Oberste was born July 22, 1930, in Little Rock, Arkansas and returned to star dust on July 2, 2021.

After a yearlong childhood illness where he was stuck at home in bed, his amazing art skills became apparent. He decided to pursue an art career as an 8 yr old and never looked back. Ken was a Diamond Signature member of Mid-Southern Watercolorists and served said community by serving on the board for several years. He supported his family of 8 (through braces, multiple ER visits, and private schools) with his painting skills - a feat not many, even the great masters can claim. He said he was the luckiest man on the planet, because he never worked a day in his life. His art hangs in a museum in Chicago, board rooms in Dallas and Louisiana, bank lobbies and state houses in Arkansas, and many homes around the world.


Even though he adored his wife Tinky and doted on her til the very end, Dad was the stereotypical Peter Pan. He never grew up. He chased fire trucks and fireflies, ate candy like it was going out of style, and was a never-ending source of fun and adventure for his kids and grandkids. He had a myriad of interests and never lost his sense of wonder at the world around him. An avid photographer and videographer, watercolorist, coin collector, a marathon runner, he volunteered for multiple organizations, donated his body weight in blood many times over, was a devilish practical joker but was serious about his beloved Boyle Park - where he spent his last decades picking up trash and fighting for respect for this beautiful city park.

In lieu of flowers we please ask that you pick up at least one piece of trash in a public spot and know this simple act of kindness to the planet will make him happier than any donation or flower arrangement ever could.