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Tane Steed Wins Education Grant

Lindsay Ainsworth | Published on 10/17/2021

Tane Steed of Caldwell Elementary won a 500.00 grant to further the education of watercolor to grade school children. 

Doing this project during this pandemic required Tane to develop a system where each student has their own set of paints, whether they are on-site or virtual.

Tane decided to create a Qor Dot Paint Card for each student. Dot cards can easily be labeled and stored for on-site students or mailed in a regular envelope to virtual students. Each dot card will have between six to ten colors depending on grade level.

he second grade project will explore mixing/blending colors in a Pumpkin themed painting. Third and fourth grade students will brainstorm theme ideas and vote on a subject.  Student projects will be used in our annual fundraiser. Second grade normally does an impressionist style painting. Third grade creates a mixed media painting of a hot air balloon, and fourth grade paints hearts in the style of Peter Max.

Tane Steed Mixing

Tane Steed Dot Cards
Tane Steed Demo

Tane Steed Heart 1
Tane Steed Heart 2
Tane Steed Heart 3